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Page 52 Timelapse

Page 52 Timelapse published on No Comments on Page 52 Timelapse

I recorded the process of this page you can watch the video below.

Starting with a rough layout, then refining the art. When I am on the inking stage, I use simple lines and make sure the inks are all connected blocking off solid shapes, this way when I get to the flats stage I can just paintbucket my colors into the inked shapes. I then add more detail to my inks over the flats, then create a mask for shadows. The last touches are some simple screen brushes to bring the colors out a bit more. Then I have my letters on a outer glow layer.

I’ll be recording a few of these start to finish pages. Then I’ll be putting together some videos breaking down the processes of creating the comic pages step by step. If anyone has suggestions for some tutorials you’d like to see, let me know in the comments.



Rey + BB8

Rey + BB8 published on No Comments on Rey + BB8

Watching Force Awakens for the 3rd time, been very Star Wars obsessed lately between watching Episodes 1-6 twice in the last month and all of Clone Wars and Rebels, heh and playing Star Wars Online (I’m remembering more as a I write this) Star Wars Battlefront…even the iPhone game Galaxy Heroes (Damn…). I Have been wanting to do some Star Wars pieces for a while. Just practicing up on drawing at the moment, so I’m sure some more Star Wars pieces will be coming through.

star wars force awakens rey and bb8 droid jedi

MAX + SKullF*cker

MAX + SKullF*cker published on No Comments on MAX + SKullF*cker

Another couple of fighters from the arena, from Straya. Max and I may change the name.


2000 and Late

2000 and Late published on No Comments on 2000 and Late

I had Facebook pup up and give one of those “memory” spam thing crap things, however this one gave me a cool little idea for the day. It popped up with an old drawing I did back when I was starting out with drawing, so figured it was a great opportunity to see how my art has come along.


The art has come a long way, which is really cool to see. But it really hasn’t come as far as I’d like, I can pick out so many things wrong with this, it really makes me want to kick it up a notch and work more on my skills. I am on a mission to be less trash, looking forward to drawing this again in 2 years!

Original character by Shoze


Art Dev Drawing Hair

Art Dev Drawing Hair published on No Comments on Art Dev Drawing Hair

So adding to my previous post about developing my art skills, another feature I’ve been looking into is hair.

In manga you have so many iconic hairstyles, from your triple A Goku Sayan hair and Naruto spikes or even simple common hair like Durarara or Angel Beats. Even though the hairstyles are simple they are still unique to the characters and the way they are drawn.

The reason I’m looking into hair is I’m coming up to the part in RoboJukujo where we’ll be seeing a lot more of MOM, and seeing as she is the title character it’s crushingly important to give her an iconic ‘do.

So the first tutorial I came across if from Jazza, who some of you might know, he’s one of the most popular YouTube Channels for art and animation tutorials and for good reason. I’ve watched a lot of his videos and tutorials and it’s his discussions that are great, he talks about the mindsets behind drawing as well as the techniques, which is really a cool way of learning.

Hopefully this video helps you guys out as much as it’s helped me. The idea of separating the hair into 3 sections is a great concept I’ll probably continue to use, if anyone has played Tekken 6 (I think it’s 6), it uses a similar concept in the character creation, where you create your hair based on front, base and back parts.I’ll be experimenting a lot with this aswell as Jazza’s Volume, Flow and Shape.

Let me know in the comments if you guys liked this video, or maybe found another that’s really useful. Noted that this video is for a cartoon style in general, maybe there are some great Manga/Anime ones out there I havn’t seen?

Anyways, thanks for reading


Art Dev Diary

Art Dev Diary published on No Comments on Art Dev Diary

So as some of you might know, by trade I am a comic book colorist. Over the last 5 years I’ve been working for comic book publishers on a bunch of different projects, from horror to super heroes, although Manga is something I have next to no experience in.

When I’d started Robotto Jukujo I had no intention of drawing the comic, I’d teamed up with an artist called Darling Grim. As now she is working on other projects, rather than find another artist, I’ve bitten the bullet and tackled the challenge of drawing the manga. I’ve drawn ever since I was a kid, but things like characters and weapons lol, so when it comes to drawing sequences it’s a whole new challenge as some of you might know. I’m finding myself drawing things I never thought I would. I mean, for example yesterday I drew someone underneath a car fixing it…not something I would have ever drawn unless it was in a story. So it’s scenes like this that make this experience challenging and exciting. So seeing as I’m at my very early stages of drawing manga and sequences I figured I might start sharing my experiences and what I’ve learnt as I go.

So firstly, drawing has a lways been a hobby for me, something to do for fun, something to do in math class. But now, I want to step it up a bit and learn some actual techniques and study up on the science. Things like anatomy, proportions and perspective are things I’ve dabbled in, but as I continue with Robotto Jukujo I want to study further and improve these skills. So anyways, recently in the pages I’ve been focussing on poses and actions, although as you’ll notice, proportions are out, perspectives are incorrect etc. So I’m going to break it down and work on different aspects as I go.

For the latest pages, I’d noticed the faces weren’t as energetic or traditional as I’d like. So I stopped and watched a few tutorials on faces to get the proprtions and expressions right. Here is one of the most popular videos up on Youtube by Mark Crilley, this guys has hundreds of videos on manga tutorials for you guys to check out if you are interested.

Faces aren’t exactly the best place to start when you are learning to draw, but this is an aspect I wanted to work on.

So I’d like to talk to you guys more about your experiences in drawing and what you’ve learned. What are you working on at the moment? What videos have helped you improve your art?

Schoolboy Tomo

Schoolboy Tomo published on No Comments on Schoolboy Tomo

A cool little sketch of Tomo in his school uniform, bit of a warm up to get my drawing skills back in action. I’m hoping to release some new pages very soon.

Kahana and KITA

Kahana and KITA published on No Comments on Kahana and KITA

robotto jukujo manga by nemo uri and darlinggrim


Another of my concept designs I’ve been doing lately, we’re getting closer to the end of the first chapter, so I’ve been spending a lot of time designing the characters that we are still yet to see.

Here I’ve drawn up the design for KITA and his pilot Kahana. Kahana calls her bot KITA which means “insect” in Hindi.

This is one of the characters that I can’t wait to see in action. MOM vs KITA is going to be an epic battle.


Anyone ever noticed that all the pilots wear a glove?


Tetsuo by Tradd + Nemo

Tetsuo by Tradd + Nemo published on No Comments on Tetsuo by Tradd + Nemo

tetsuo by tradd moore and nemo wilson from akira anime

Wugui concept art

Wugui concept art published on No Comments on Wugui concept art



Some late night drawing while I watch Ben10. This is a concept design for one of the Mega Mecha Anarchy fighters, this one is called WuGui from Nicha. WuGui is Chinese for tortoise, he’s got an Chinese hat and a shell, so I figured it was fitting. Some of the Kanji you can see on him says turtle. You can see this guy in action on page 23.



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